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December 9, 2021 Nsfw
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Japan, an extremely famous country with a thriving economy, also with a great culture and friendly people. Besides, they are also famous for the Anime and the gaming industry, which are both extremely developed. Are you a fan of Japanese Anime, aren’t you? 2D girls in Anime always bring us indescribable emotions so that players can delight to immerse themselves in those emotions. Besides the famous Anime, they also have a lot of extremely popular Anime-style games, giving players a great feeling when playing games.
A game just released not too long ago but has been known by many people, the game is called Alice Re: Code. This game belongs to the genre of RPG, Japan is also a famous country with RPG games, even their titles are also called JRBG. This has shown the quality of this game how good it is. The game will bring extremely interesting adventures for players to explore.


In Japan, people are living a more fulfilling life than ever before but people are unaware that a secret organization is conducting research. The organization, called “DOOR”, conducts research that has long been banned by the government. These experiments are aimed at opening a way for people to go anywhere on earth, even the other world. But there was an accident that suddenly happened, the experiment failed and opened a black hole and strange creatures were coming out of it to attack humans.
The government has tried to cover this up, but the increasing number of deaths and disappearances has made the people started to confuse. We still haven’t found a way to fight these dark creatures and all our efforts failed. At that moment, Dr Nonson discovered these girls have special powers, whose name was “Alice”. The group can fight against those dark creatures. So the human counter-attack began.


You will build a team of 5 members from “Alice” that has the special power to fight the monsters. The fighting mechanism of the game is built in the familiar turn-based style. Both sides will take turns attacking each other until one of the two is defeated, the other will win. But playing will be responsible for controlling the girls using their special skills to attack the monsters. The gameplay of the game is very simple but there will be extremely high tactical elements, good tactics will bring players to victory. Players must base on each character’s ability to arrange the best possible team.


Diverse Characters

There will be many different characters for players to choose for their squad. Each character will have different stats and skills for players to arrange the squad. For example, there will be recoverable characters, and you should leave her behind to protect her.

Number of Stages

There are many stages in the game for players to explore. After you have defeated the monsters in the first stages, you will have to fight the bosses with great power. But this will not stop girls with great strength and determination.


Alice Re: Code has 2D graphics, the characters in the game are designed in a cute Chibi style

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