Archos Video Player v10.2 APK (All Codecs/MPEG Plugin) Download

Archos Video Player v10.2-20180416.1736

December 21, 2021 Video Players & Editors
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Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Video Players & Editors
25 MB
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All Codecs/MPEG Plugin
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Description Archos Video Player

Entertainment is everyone’s freedom, everyone has their own entertainment, some listen to music, read clean, and so on. But if your entertainment is cinema, the application Archos Video Player is indispensable. Application is a leading video launcher today with a lot of features to cater to users. Surely this application will be the best support tool to bring the best movie moments. This application brings a lot of the best tools, the fastest speed, and a lot of features for users.


If you want to use the application, you need to satisfy two conditions for the application to work properly. The first and the most basic is to download it from the store and install it on your device. The download is not enough because when downloading it is just the folder containing the application only, so need to extract and install on the user’s device. It will take a little while for the app to download and install, depending on your device’s processing speed and internet speed. Once the installation is complete, the app is ready to launch for the first time.

The application will automatically scan the device for the first time to search for video-related files that exist in the device. Those files will appear in the interface of the application for easy access. The second condition is to find the movies to download. This condition does not depend on the application but the user who needs to search for the source to load. But be careful, because there are many sources but it is also possible that they also come with viruses to steal information. So before downloading from a website, it is necessary to determine the reliability of the source to avoid any unfortunate happenings. At the end, when both conditions are met, all that’s left is to sit down and enjoy your work.

High-Quality Support

In the market, the apps used to launch videos are not. At least, even the user’s device exists an application to do that. So why download another app to do this? That’s because of the ability to support high-quality videos to bring the best experiences. Today, movies with HD quality of 720P or Full HD with 1080P are the standards of movies. But there are a lot of applications that do not support these qualities and that greatly affects the user experience. There are applications that cannot load because they automatically lower the quality of the video to work. That’s why they need this application because it supports up to 1080P for the best experience. This application can keep up with the trend of the times, so it quickly updated this feature to serve users.

Works at high speed

A 4K or 1080 movie usually takes a long time to load. Users will feel bored while waiting and lose inspiration to watch movies. So to keep the flame of inspiration in people’s hearts, the app can load very quickly and quickly bring the movie to users. The application is designed to optimize the user’s hardware and deliver the fastest possible speed.

Supports many different types of files

Besides, even if the file is of any format, the application can still support it at a constant speed. Popular formats that the application can support such as MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, and many more. All file formats available on the market are supported by this application so users do not need to worry about not being able to watch the movie.

Linking to cloud storage

A phone has a default amount of memory and there’s no way it can be upgraded. Even today, newer devices do not have the ability to insert memory cards to support storage. Each movie inherently needs a lot of space to store and certainly not enough user’s devices to do that. So cloud storage is a great choice for storing movies. This application has the feature to link directly to the cloud storage to launch the videos on it. Users do not need to download those movies, just store them in the cloud memory. This will save a lot of space to store the movie, the device will no longer have to bear the burden but let something else do it.

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