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December 12, 2021 Nsfw
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Android Android 4.4 and up Nsfw
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Description Booty calls

Are you a long-term FA? Are you fed up with falling in love with real girls? Booty Calls will be a great title of the type of dating game for you, produced and released by Nutaku. This is a famous producer thanks to the launch of popular hot titles like Fap CEO… Nutaku is no longer a stranger to FA guys and wants to find a girlfriend on 2D. The game will help you know the steps to be able to approach and get acquainted with a girl. But do not apply these skills in practice if you do not want to take hit in your face. This promises to be a great entertainment game for every man in the world. The game is available on both operating systems, and can even be played on web browsers. What are you waiting for without downloading the game to your computer so you can play anytime, anywhere? What’s best and most genuine is in Booty Calls.


You’re alone walking on the beach at night. Suddenly, from somewhere, a girl with red hair floated in the wind and her revealing outfit appeared. She calls herself a mermaid princess. She made a contract with the sea witch to obtain human-like legs. But in exchange, she will have to collect all the “mysterious points” to give to the witch. But the problem was that she wouldn’t be able to do it if she was alone and only the first man who saw her on the shore could see and talk to her.
Today, that man is you. You will be with her on an adventure to collect “mysterious points”. As a person who gives advice, she will always be with you and guide you step by step to flirt with a girl and eventually get hot missions from her. While you are performing your actions, that girl is the mermaid who will collect “mysterious points”. In order to speed up this process, you will date a lot of girls to help the mermaid get more and more points. With the handsome appearance and the guidance of the mermaid, soon our boys will be the heart of all the girls in the region. Players will have to be smart to make the right decisions to tear down their girls. Each girl will have a different personality so the game will get harder and harder. Remember to be a wise and sexy man.


The game is not too difficult to play, first-time players can also play the game thanks to the detailed instructions of the manufacturer. To be able to date a girl, you will first have to get to know that girl. To get acquainted with a girl you will have the right sayings to impress that girl right from the first meeting. Cannot be straightforward to go on a date the first time you meet. The system will put 3 lines with different content and you will be the one to choose what to say to impress. Usually, there will be 2 offensive words of that girl and only 1 sentence to impress. So be careful in making choices. Every girl in the game is not the same so every sentence in the conversation will be different. Choose wisely if you do not want to be ignored.
After successful acquaintance, you and she will have for each other dating. When you’re dating you’ll play a match-3 genre game to earn points. Players will be limited to the moves, they have to reach the required amount to make her happy by that bounded turns. Be careful, because if the player cannot succeed in this match-3 game then the appointment will be disastrous. Once successfully dating for 5 consecutive times and have captured her heart. At that time, you will have a burning action with your girl on the 6th dating together. Be smart in every word and move you get closer to your purpose. It’s not too hard to win a girl but it’s not easy at all.


As a dating game, “Booty Calls” also has many interesting and unique features to attract players

Meet The Girls

In the game, there are many different girls with various personalities. You are free to date any girl you like. After each successful date, she will have more affection for you and you will be closer and closer to her. After each time, she will send you a picture of herself in a number of situations. Each picture will become more and sexier, also depends on the personality of each girl that the picture will be different. A girl who wants you will send much hotter pictures.

Character Upgrades

Players can also upgrade their character stats to become more attractive and attractive to girls. The higher the index, the easier it will be to attract girls. When the character has a high index, the match-3 game will be harder and become a lot more interesting.


There is a 2D graphic style so the characters in the game are similar to Japanese cartoons. The girls are painted very beautifully with many different faces for players to experience more. Our journey will be set in a dreamy coastal city. A place where lots of hot girls come and play. You will get acquainted with girls in many different locations such as bars, cafes … The beach is a great place to find yourself a girl.


When playing the game Booty Calls the effects are made very showy and rich diversity. When dating match-3 games, or join other hot activities in the game. All responses are very vivid. The sound in the game is great, the voice of the girl in the game sounds very flattering and seductive. Especially when doing things beyond the limit, the sound will be even more vivid and true. Everything in the game is no different from reality.
If you were too bored with love. Then Booty Calls will become a perfect dating game for you. With a unique story that attracts players. Each girl will have different stories and secrets, let’s find out together now. Unique gameplay with a combination of match-3 style and the classic dating game. This will be a factor to help attract players of the game. Excellent effects and a sound system. Every episode is very true, players can close their eyes and feel a great feeling that the game brings. What are you waiting for without coming to Booty Calls to get yourself, great girls, right now?

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