Cooking Bae v0.36 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Cooking Bae v0.36

December 11, 2021 Nsfw
APK Information
Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Nsfw
59 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money
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Description Cooking Bae

Cooking Bae – a cooking game, but not just a regular game, but it is more than that. When players come to this game, they will experience a lot of new things and will make you feel satisfied, especially with male players. Players can even find their loved ones from their customers.
Cooking Bae (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Catering to customers

The player will become a chef, and that mission is to serve the food to his customers. Because the player’s restaurant is a famous place, there are often many people who come to enjoy the food. And the task of the player is to serve the entire customer to make them satisfied with the dish. When they feel happy with what the player serves for them, in addition to money, the player also receives a lot of other mysterious rewards. These mysterious rewards are what made the game famous, so please come to the game to explore.
Cooking Bae (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Processing demand dishes

Whenever customers come to a player’s restaurant, the player needs to serve what they request to satisfy them. Players will see many different ingredients on the table, and players will use them to prepare food. Quite simply, all that a player needs to do is to use his finger to drag the ingredients required to make the dish they require. For example, if customers request a chocolate ice cream, players only need to get one cup and add chocolate ice cream to serve customers. Each customer will have a different request, and players need to process the food they require to receive money from them. If the person did not comply with what they asked for, they would angrily leave, and the player will lose money.
Cooking Bae (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Travel around the world

Players not only served in a single store, but players will be traveling to many places around the world to be able to cook typical dishes of that place. This makes the cuisine in the game become very diverse as there are many dishes from different places around the world. For example, when players come to Mexico, players will be known for their famous taco cakes, or when coming to Japan, there will be typical sushi.
Cooking Bae (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Upgrade your skills

Players can also upgrade the skills of a chef to be able to have better performances. But to upgrade, the player will need a lot of money, so try to work to be able to receive a lot of money. When players upgrade, it can make the speed of cooking is greatly improved, and customers will not need to wait long to receive the dish.

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