Monster Harem v1.8.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

Monster Harem v1.8.1

December 11, 2021 Nsfw
APK Information
Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Nsfw
MOD Features
One Hit/Unlimited Money
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Description Monster Harem

Monster Harem is one of the rare games that can give people a little hot feeling and a lot of other great things. This game belongs to another universe hidden from what is on the market. If the player wants to have the experience of being a hero in the other world, this is the once. It’s a choice that can not be passed because once played; the game will be addictive.


You are a normal boy, and nothing is noticeable, just like many others. The special thing is that you still do not have a girlfriend, all you know is staying in your small room to play games. But suddenly, one day, you woke up and found that the surrounding is not your room anymore. A woman is calling herself Arianna – the Light Keeper who summons you to this world to rescue them. This world is in danger by Lord De Struk Shun; he is trying to kidnap the queen and conquer the whole kingdom. You are the only hope of the people in this kingdom, create your Harem to fight Lord De Struk Shun.


In this world, there aren’t any boys at all, all the people of this kingdom are girls. The player is the only male summoned to this world to fight Lord De Struk Shun. Players need to call upon the strongest warrior women of this kingdom to fight the dark army. The gameplay of this game is built in the style of card games but is combined with tactical elements. So when playing this game, the player also needs to think very carefully to be able to make the right choice.
Players will be involved in a battle in a dungeon full of different types of monsters. The dungeon in this game is built like a maze, so players need to find the correct path. Each time a player chooses a path, it will cost an energy point while moving, the player will see monsters. Whenever the player encounters a monster, the game will automatically switch to the battle mode for the player to fight.
The fighting mechanism of the game is built in a turn-based style that is familiar to RPG games. Every time it is the player’s turn, the player sees five cards appear for the player to use. They are very diverse in types and have many different uses, such as having attack cards, which can help defend or effect cards. But the special thing is that these cards have the image of a female warrior, they all look very hot. Players will choose one of those cards to attack or defend against enemies. But this is one of the essential steps, and players need to balance between attacking and defending, so they do not have to lose too early. Each card requires a fixed amount of energy, and players need to choose to suit the MP they have. After each turn, the MP will automatically reset so the player can continue to fight.

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