Summertime Saga v0.20.11 APK (MOD/Cheats)

Summertime saga v0.20.11

November 11, 2021 Simulation
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Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Simulation
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Description Summertime saga

An exciting summer is always something that many young people think about during their youth. This is exactly what they have been waiting for during their school year. Anon, a young man in his 18s, is preparing to have his best summer vacation after his first year at college. However, a heartbreaking story strikes again and makes him begin to fall into the series of the most difficult days of his life. Anon’s father passed away suddenly and left many doubts for everyone. The death of his father made the main character very painful and fell into a situation where no one can rely on it. Summertime Saga is the journey that the main character spends the summers alone.
Summertime Saga

An engaging simulation game

With such a tragic opening to the story, Summertime Saga makes many players feel heavy. However, once you have integrated into the game, you will find it has many attractive details. A lot of things will happen to the main character and gradually make him forget his initial suffering. The person is already dead, so the one who is alive needs to go on with their own lives. Anon will have to learn to live alone, take care of himself in the best way, create new relationships. This is basically a simulation game that depicts a young man’s life and the relationships around him. The game will cover the ups and downs of life and even love and hot situations. Actually it brings curious content to players, making them fall in love with its rhythm.
Summertime Saga

The consequences that the father left to Anon

Anon both had to learn to live alone while facing the huge debt that his father left behind. Suddenly, an 18-year-old son must bear the burden of showing his father’s lost debt. Criminals constantly appear and disturb his life. They are trying to pull this son into a criminal path to pay his father’s debt. You must be alert so that you do not get caught up in the cycle of labor. Don’t be too alarmed because you still have friends and relatives by your side. You are the most important factor in deciding how your life will play out. What if you could solve all the troubles and become a beneficial adult for society?
Summertime Saga

Rich content offers the experiences

Summertime Saga will operate in the style of a life simulation game. This means that you will play the role of a character in the game and interact with the rest. First, the player will have to interact with the characters around. They are NPCs but are behaviorally engineered and programmed. Players will have to respond to their own reactions to the opponent’s behavior. Your reaction will lead the story to different turns. Usually, the gameplay of this game revolves around talking between characters. You will be able to choose the places you go to and then there will be characters appearing and giving conversations. Generally speaking, it’s a bit boring, but you have to really play the game to feel the drama. It’s like you’re watching a movie that you directed yourself to.
Summertime Saga
In the game, there are more than 65 characters arranged in many positions for you to interact with them. In addition, it also has a mode called unlock location. The game offers simple tasks throughout the course of Anon’s life experience. Once the assigned items have been completed, the new locations will be unlocked. The game offers over 30 unique locations along with 20+ minigames. Wherever you go, there are different contents to experience the simulated life of Summertime Saga.
Summertime Saga

Funded wholly by Patreon backers

This is a game designed and published by Kompas but maintained by donations from Patreon backers. They will contribute money to this game and help it grow and receive some benefits that free players do not get. It can be said that their power is so great that it is almost like game developers, the small investors of Summertime Saga. As a contributor through Patreon, recurring rewards are deposited into your account. Benefits such as private download servers, bug trackers, and wiki access will give players huge advantages in achieving great in-game achievements. In addition, you also have the right to vote for the upcoming content of the game. Which characters do you want to be in the game, what stories do you want to develop, what positions do you want to open, … Just raise money and you have the right to vote on these content. appears in the game.
Summertime Saga
For some game-intensive YouTubers, they’d love to hear about the in-depth development overview revealed by the publisher itself. They also received upcoming scene spoilers to attract views for themselves. There are also other bonuses from the system discord. Generally, this game is still in existence and development thanks to gamers’ support. As long as the community is still around, it will continue to grow and offer lots of engaging content.

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