Talking Tom Gold Run 2 v1.0.13.7285 MOD APK (Free Rewards)

Talking Tom Gold Run 2 v1.0.13.7285

October 31, 2021 Action
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Android Android 4.4 and up Action
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Description Talking Tom Gold Run 2

Talking Tom Gold Run 2 launched with the high inheritance of content in part 1; however, the game has more noticeable updates for the time being. The old characters continue their journey to chase the villains. The Rakoonz destroy everything in their path and cause chaos throughout the timeline. You and your companions have created a time machine to chase and catch these raccoons. They will be held accountable for the mistakes they made.

Talking Tom Gold Run 2 Talking Tom Gold Run 2


Tom’s team created the time machine and accidentally let it fall into the hands of Roy and The Rakoonz. They realize this is the best chance to escape the pursuit of their friends. The fastest way, you also jump into the time machine and go find these criminals. If not found and prevented, they will be able to reverse the timeline and make many historical events much worse than before. More unfortunate, the world will have to go to the end.


The time machine that you own does not have unlimited power. It can only take you to close timestamps and is immediately disabled. This fatal disadvantage makes it impossible for players to go everywhere comfortably. Friends will have to quickly participate in races to collect as many crystals as possible. This is the best source of materials to upgrade and power the time machine. As long as it is provided with enough crystals, the time portal will automatically open.

Talking Tom Gold Run 2 Talking Tom Gold Run 2

With the upgraded time machine, players can unlock many different worlds. The search for the vandals will go much better. In addition, many unique running paths will appear to challenge your talent. Of course, they will be built on a certain theme based on the time and place you are in. The never-ending races will become more and more exciting and strange than ever.


The ultimate goal of Roy and The Rakoonz is precious treasures scattered around the world in many different timelines. Every place you go, there are treasures in danger. If you delay, they will fall into the wrong hands and be exploited in many different ways. Only you can save them and provide absolute protection. In addition, finding these treasures also gives you different types of power in the process of fighting enemies.

Talking Tom Gold Run 2 Talking Tom Gold Run 2


One of the brands worth mentioning in the Talking Tom Gold Run 2 series is their costumes. Until now, endless running games have been very popular with exciting outfits. Up to the present time, with expanded contexts, the designer’s creativity is extended to infinity. Would you rather be an Egyptian with a suit like a Pharaoh or a jungle man with animal skins on him? All of them will gather in the game in an exciting way. Players must move and play well to get a lot of gold from the game. This will be a perfect premise for you to unlock the outfits that are already present in the game. On different occasions such as Christmas, Christmas, Halloween, Talking Tom Gold Run 2 will have interesting seasonal updates. They are all lovely and bring a very new feeling to the player.

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