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December 24, 2021 Communication
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In addition to social networking tools and the integration of so many extra features such as messaging, professional messaging applications are also popular. In China, we often see them using WeChat, but in the US we see WhatsApp essential. It can be said, WhatsApp is one of the most popular dedicated messaging tools in the world, playing shoulder alongside Messenger from big Facebook. In general, each product has its convenience and connects a large user system. WhatsApp has achieved 1 billion downloads, and its user system worldwide is loyal to it for a very long time. They use it to serve their work, communicate and connect with relatives. However, like everything in this world, WhatsApp has features that cannot please their users.

This is a huge gap for indie producers to do some things. They do not build a separate platform on their own but only create mods to unlock and adjust all weaknesses (or things that users like but are not served by the original). Such mods actually appear a lot on the internet but gaining the highest trust is probably only “WhatsApp Plus” It can be said that it is so good that even users who have experimented with many mods come back to it after a period of testing. The best features and performance improvements are always updated for free on their home page as well as a free way for you to quickly download without hesitation. Or you can bookmark this article to get the latest information immediately because we also track and promptly update the patch on the same day.

Recently, WhatsApp Plus has a brand new patch for this 2019 and we quickly got DLC to post here. Basically, despite the new update features, it is still quite light for all different devices. With the only 29.5MB, you can use the fastest and most modern messaging features in the world today. If compared to other top applications, it has been very well optimized. For example, when you use Messenger, it is reasonable to see its capacity pushed up to more than 500MB. So with such small numbers, integrating many large functions is a success. Its basics are still based on Whatsapp’s platform so you can rest assured that it’s easy to use without having to learn so much more to use it fluently. Because its features are hidden merely, only when you start it manually will they work.

Discover hundreds of new features

Its latest version will update the latest features that users may need when they don’t want to continue their conversation. In fact, “WhatsApp Plus” is a messaging tool, but for several different situations, you will have to reject an unimportant conversation. Maybe you have to sleep to work in the morning, or in a meeting or even people you don’t want to continue talking with. Sometimes, we connect too much; we lose our privacy. Hiding Last Seen, Hide Second Tick, Hide Blue Tick, … and all the signals to tell you that you’re online can make your friends not bother them even when they’re online. Without these hidden features, they will have to avoid using WhatsApp when they want to avoid someone. The Custom Themes are updated continuously and in its memory so you can freely customize your application at your will. You can make your messaging environment express your personality, not dry and standard like the original. Even, users can customize the points that they feel attractive; there is no limit.

I will mention some of the most exciting new features for you to have an overview of this application before deciding to use it soon. The first is about chat boxes when you can customize your content to the maximum with packages of third-party apps. For other applications, they limit the package of stickers in their management, and “WhatsApp Plus” certainly has no limits. New fonts, new launcher icons are also new things for you to make your conversation more colorful.
Voice Recording lock is also removed from “WhatsApp Plus” so you can send longer recordings. This may seem important because sometimes you want to cover a song to send to those who love but limit it to make you feel very depressed. Also, by removing the limit, you don’t need to hold the voice button to record anymore, just press the button and comfortably send your voice. A little more advanced, videos that you can send to your friends can expand up to 50MB, a pretty big number. The number of Documents also increased to 100 instead of 30 as in the original version so you can quickly deliver work files to your boss without having to spend too much effort. In parallel, a Status has been able to type 255 characters instead of 139. All of these limited extensions are the ones most users of “WhatsApp Plus” pay attention to when using it.

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