YouTube Premium v16.41.35 APK + MOD (AD-Block/Many Features)

YouTube v16.41.35

October 23, 2021 Video Players & Editors
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Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Video Players & Editors
MOD Features

AD-Block / Background Playback/ HDR/ Max Resolution

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Description YouTube

I am sure that, if you are a regular user of the internet, you will probably know the website YouTube – one of the top-rated sites that allow users to share videos or download videos to the device. With this application, you can enjoy many entertainment categories that are posted on the website, such as music, vlogs, reviews, … Not only that, with the technology growing, YouTube has now developed a professional application on smartphones, as well as smart TVs. By using this application, you will not need to visit YouTube’s website to use its entertainment services. It can be said that YouTube is one of the best applications for you to entertain in your free time, and I think that hardly any application can replace YouTube in a very long time. Developed by Google, Youtube is one of many completely free apps on the app store that you can download to your smartphone to use.



As far as I can tell, YouTube is the most user-friendly and user-friendly application in the world, because even a child who is curious about technology can make good use of the app. Of course, perhaps they only use the basic features of this application, because, in fact, the features that you can take advantage of in this app are extensive. Individuals upload most of the content on YouTube, however, the entertainment service is also linked to other media companies, including CBS, BBC, Vevo, and Hulu. These media companies associated with this application provide and share their materials for YouTube. And you will be the one who has the right to enjoy the vast content that this application offers.

Initially, if you have not registered or logged into your Google account, this application still allows you to enjoy the content on it for free. However, the disadvantage you encounter is that you cannot comment, like / dislike specific videos that you are watching. Not only that, the videos you have just watched will not be saved in the History list of the application. And it will be really a problem when you are attending an interesting video, but only a short time later, you can not enjoy it again because you have forgotten the title of the video. So, I still encourage you to create a Google account and start enjoying everything that the world’s largest video viewing service offers. All the features you see in this app are similar to when you are using the official website. Of course, they have been slightly modified in terms of the interface to fit the mobile platform better.



In addition to the simple and easily optimized interface, Google also offers users a lot of unique features.

Enjoying entertaining videos has never been so easy

It can be said that this is my favorite feature on YouTube because it brings me a lot of entertainment and learning videos from many owners. Different threads. In this application, you can discover new videos through three main categories: Home, Trending, and Subscriptions. Trending is a place where you can search for music videos, reviews, short films, and all the things that are most popular on “YouTube”. Home is the place where you can enjoy the Video Clips from the individuals or organizations that you have subscribed to, and this is also where the developer will filter out the video topics you watch the most. And Subscription is a collection of all the videos of the channels you have subscribed to, this application will update all the latest videos from the channels you are interested in. As I mentioned, you can preview videos if you’re already logged into your Google account, and they will all be sorted by time in the History section of the Library.

Unique offline viewing feature that you can only discover with the phone app

Unlike when you experience YouTube with a web browser, the phone app also allows you to download videos I love about my phone to watch when I’m not connected to the internet. For me, this is a handy feature for me to download Music videos, gameplay videos, or many other exciting clips. Of course, you can also delete these videos if you no longer want to watch them.

My videos feature useful for you to upload your videos

I am sure that the upload videos feature in this app will appeal to you, because you can take full advantage of this feature for data. In your phone, free up space. Even I have short videos that I want to save, and I often take advantage of this feature so I can keep the videos I want. In addition, this feature also helps you a lot in establishing a channel for yourself. Yes, this is possible if you wish to create a channel and engage other people with your own videos.

Anyone who has used YouTube can claim that it is an excellent application to share videos, share your feelings, and you can also share your favorite videos with your friend. It can be said that no one can deny the power that YouTube gives us, so do you want to use it or not?

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